What We Do

Q: Are home investors legit?

A: You can read more about this in our blog, but to be short; yes. Home investors like Keystone Home Buyers are a legitimate service that has been around for a long, long time.

Q: How can I sell my house instantly?

A: Well, if we’re being literal then you likely won’t be able to sell instantly. There are processes that need to take place and your buyer will want to see the home and know what they are purchasing. Not to mention funding and closing.

However, working with an investor like Keystone Home Buyers could have your home sold in as little as 5-7 days. Simply reach out and we’ll make it happen!

Q: Are you a real estate agent?

A: No we are not a real estate agent. Real estate agents’ jobs are to facilitate the sale of your home by managing the listings and showing the home professionally.

Our job is a bit simpler. We make you an offer, and if you say yes then we buy the house and pay you right away. It’s really that simple!


The Process

Q: Am I locked into a contract during this process?

A: Not at all! There will be paperwork to sign, but don’t let that worry you. We’re very transparent with our processes and you can back out any time without any financial obligations.

Q: Do I need to clean before the sale?

A: You won’t have to clean the home before selling to us. Just get out what you want and leave the rest as-is. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!


Fees and Costs

Q: How much are closing costs?

A: Closing costs are typically 3-5% of the amount you’re borrowing. You’ll usually pay these costs when you close on the loan, but when you sell to Keystone Home Buyers, those fees are paid by us.

Q: If I sell to Keystone Home Buyers, who pays the closing costs?

A: Keystone Home Buyers covers all costs of the transaction to make sure you come out on top.


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